Bankruptcy & Asset Protection

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For individuals and businesses facing severe debt and financial crisis the Consumer Advocacy Group assist our clients in navigating the decisions associated with the bankruptcy process. When it comes to bankruptcy our team employs a “holistic” approach, which assesses the clients’ entire financial picture with an eye towards helping our client reach financial freedom using the bankruptcy laws.  Bankruptcy is not always the right solution for every client experiencing financial hardship.

What is Bankruptcy?

Historically, bankruptcy law employed methods such as slavery and jail as punishment for not paying creditors. Today our society has determined that individuals and business leaders should not have to fear loosing the wealth that they have accumulated or their basic rights, such as freedom from slavery for failing to pay creditors.  Instead, today, the bankruptcy law allows individuals and businesses, based upon qualification to design either a payment plan to restructure their debts and pay creditors over time or a fresh start by discharging all of their debts.


We understand that the decision to file bankruptcy is not an easy decision, no matter whether you are an individual of one, family of four or business leader faced with the reality of a business’ financial crisis.  Our team helps to alleviate the complications associated with such a difficult decision of Chapter 13 and Bankruptcy by removing the doubts associated with such a serious decision. Team members will eliminate doubt and instill clear and reasoned options for our client facing a financial crisis.


Declaring Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy for Chapter 13 is not a foregone conclusion for every individual and every business’ financial crisis. While the stigma associated with individual bankruptcy is deteriorating, in the wake of the recent financial disaster, (with over 1.5 million non-business bankruptcy filings in 2010) the facts of each client’s circumstances ultimately dictate whether bankruptcy is the best option. We believe that a problem is only a problem if you have a solution. It is our firm’s number one objective to design a clear outline to obtain financial freedom and help to build the path for our clients.


Financial Freedom

Ultimately, the client has to make the tough decisions. Rest assured, as a client of the firm our team will help you discern the available options and help to formulate a blueprint to obtaining financial freedom. For a list of frequently asked questions feel free to subscribe to one of our bankruptcy blogs or RSS feeds provided.