Mortgage Disputes & Foreclosure Defense

Real Estate Law:  Consumer Advocacy Group represents buyers and sellers, individuals and businesses on a variety of legal issues including: analysis, negotiation, and drafting of purchase contracts and leases, loan workouts (a/k/a “loss mitigation” or “loan modification”) negotiating deeds in lieu of foreclosure, short sale negotiations, deed preparation, title research and opinions, resolving title defects, serving as settlement agent for both commercial and residential real estate, partnership and joint venture development, investment trusts, real estate development, easement matters, homeowner association matters, and assistance with negotiating and obtaining real estate financing.

Check out our firm’s foreclosure blog for helpful information about foreclosure, short sale, loan modifications, forms and answers to many commonly posed questions. 

With years of experience in the commercial and residential real estate industry our team’s insight of the real estate industry ensures that our clients are made of aware of their rights and options clearly as we work to find resolution to our client’s legal matter pertaining to Real Estate Law.


If your real estate matter requires litigation, our real estate law professionals are experienced in assisting our clients successfully pursuit their legal matter in court. Particularly, our real estate law team is equipped in advancing our clients interest in the following real estate litigation matters; landlord tenant law, construction law and construction defects, condemnation proceedings, foreclosure defense and mediation, resolving title defects, contract disputes, real estate agent representation, banking law (as it relates to real property), partnership disputes, and bankruptcy.


Residential Foreclosure Crisis: Consumer Advocacy Group provides defense against property seizure in cases related to foreclosure, short sales, loan workouts, predatory lending, fraud, securities fraud, mediation and generally issues pertaining to lender abuse for those threatened by foreclosure.  If you feel that you were taken advantage of or that your lender has abused the law our firm demands fairness and honesty in the mortgage market and we hold lenders responsible for their practices.

The stories of individual families and homeowners can often get lost in national economic statistics, but at our law firm we know that those individual stories are the reality, the heart, of the mortgage crisis. We are prepared to handle lender liability lawsuits that place responsibility where it belongs.  Dishonest mortgage brokers and banks knew they were lending money to people who would not be able to pay the loans. Greedy lender behavior led to making loans against legal guidelines for the purpose of taking unsuspecting individuals hard earned savings.  Consumer Advocacy Group has a well-deserved reputation for fighting injustice and defending the rights of those that have been harmed by unfair or deceptive trade practices.